Poor Little Raccoon (2020)

The talent and love behind this song is palpable, and, hopefully, so is the hard work and care behind the animated music video for it!

Hope Levy, A voice actress for Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, and Netflix, wrote a harrowing song about a racoon; who finds himself in a one- sided love affair. For this project I had complete reign over the story, design, and execution.

I had a blast creating this piece, and I hope that you enjoy!

Family Activity Birthday!

Fun is on the menu for this All-American Family, celebrating their young son's Eigth Birthday at their favorite spot in town, "Juicey Girlz"!

An interpretation of Modern Romance

I want to be extremely clear about the fact that I did not write this ingenious and expressive story. This was a commission for a girl who experienced an unsavory one night stand, and decided to share her perspective with the world. I was merely graced with the opportunity to animate it; and for this I am eternally grateful.

LeBon Marche, Ellie Lang

A Senior Thesis Film for Fashion Marketing student, named Ellie Lang, that I had the privilege of animating over.

The Mistake

Sit back as Horace, the struggling Mime, tries to woo a tough crowd; of one.